Towel Technology

Quick Drying

Do you know the feeling when you get out of the water and go to wrap yourself up in a towel only to find it cold and soggy? Everyone hates that feeling! That's why we have designed our sand-free beach towels to dry fast and in less than half the time of a regular beach towel :)

Aborsbent sand beach towel

Ultra absorbent

Our towels can comfortably hold up to 1 litre of water. Meaning that no matter whether you're sharing a towel between two people, or hoping in and out of the water multiple times, you'll have a sand-free beach towel that you can rely on!

Sand Repelling

No one likes the feeling of wrapping themselves in a sandy towel! That's why we have designed our beach towels to repel sand. After a quick shake sand rolls off and stays on the beach, where it belongs!